Harmony Mushroom Company was founded in 2021 by Noah Schleifer, with an emphasis on growing the highest quality mushrooms available.

"I was really into growing gourmet mushrooms, but I had no idea the medicinal impact some of these mushrooms had.

It wasn't until I read that Lion's Mane could help with Sciatic nerve damage that I realized I could help my father with the nerve pain he had been suffering from my entire life.

That was our first breakthrough, and from there I became dedicated to making powerful extracts that could change lives."

-Noah Schleifer

What Makes Us Different

There are thousands of mushroom farms out there, here's what sets us apart

Quality you can SEE

There's no secrets here. We are OBSESSED with quality mushrooms, and we are happy to share it! You can check out our instagram page for behind the scenes looks at the operation to see how every pound of mushroom is grown.

Other companies buy a powdered mushroom grown in China, and there is little transparency as to the quality and process behind it. We don't sell a product, we change lives.

Check out our instagram for more!

Meet The Team

We are passionate mushroom growers from all backgrounds, with a focus on our mission:

To Lead, Educate, Innovate, and Inspire.


Noah Schleifer

Noah Is the Owner and Operator of Harmony Mushroom Co. He started Harmony in 2021 and is on a mission to lead, innovate, educate and inspire.

With a natural talent for leadership, Noah motivates our team with his forward-thinking ideas and unwavering dedication. He is deeply invested in education and enjoys sharing his knowledge about mushroom farming and sustainable agriculture with the broader community.

Noah's greatest joy comes from helping others pursue their passions. Whether it's guiding his team to reach their full potential or supporting others in their personal and professional journeys, Noah's enthusiasm for fostering growth and development is contagious.

Kayla Collins

Kayla is an invaluable member of our mushroom farm production team, bringing her love for nature and a holistic approach to everything she does. With a deep appreciation for the natural world, Kayla thrives in the serene environment of our farm, ensuring that our mushrooms are nurtured with care and precision.

Outside of her work on the farm, Kayla is a dedicated massage therapist and yoga instructor. Her commitment to wellness and balance is reflected in her holistic lifestyle, where she seamlessly blends her passion for nature with her expertise in health and well-being.

Join us in celebrating Kayla's multifaceted talents as she continues to contribute her unique blend of skills and passion to our farm.

Production Manager

Channing Hoefer

Channing is the Production Manager at Harmony. She is the heart and soul of our mushroom farm's production team. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the mushroom cultivation process, Channing ensures that every mushroom that leaves our farm is of the highest quality.

Beyond her work at the farm, Channing loves spending time with her friends and family. she brings warmth, dedication, and a nurturing spirit to both her work and home life.

Social media Manager

Grant Biastre

Grant is the creative force behind our social media presence, bringing his passion for photography, documentary filmmaking, and nature to every post.

When he's not curating our social media feeds, you'll find Grant exploring the great outdoors, camera in hand, always on the lookout for the next breathtaking shot. His love for nature and dedication to his craft ensure that our social media channels are not just engaging but also visually captivating.

Follow us to experience Grant's incredible work and join us on a journey through his lens!